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STO: $2 Pack (PC)

STO: $2 Pack (PS4)

STO: $2 Pack (XBOX)

STO: $10 Pack (PC)

STO: $10 Pack (PS4)

STO: $10 Pack (XBOX)

Neverwinter: $2 Pack (PC)

Neverwinter: $2 Pack (PS4)

Neverwinter: $2 Pack (XBOX)

Neverwinter: $10 Pack (PC)

Neverwinter: $10 Pack (PS4)

Neverwinter: $10 Pack (XBOX)


For code redemption instructions, please read STO and NW. If your purchase is taking too long to process, please try again.

Captains and Adventurers, times are tough for a lot of folks out there right now. It is in the spirit of both Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons to do the right thing when we can. And so, both Star Trek Online and Neverwinter have teamed up with Groupees to offer a special promotion, where you can purchase in game items and help your fellow humans at the same time. Players of both games will be able to choose from several different tiers of package to buy, and 100% of their purchase will go evenly to two charities: Pop Culture Hero Coalition and United Way Bay Area (UWBA).

Thanks for spending your time with us during this difficult time, whether you’re battling devils in the pits of Avernus or facing the Borg Queen on Excalbia. We hope that wherever you are, you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Disclaimer: Perfect World Entertainment will comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing charitable sales promotions and our licensors are indemnified for any claims arising out of failure to do so.

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There has been some major disruption with our technical team based in Ukraine and we are not currently able to offer bundles. That may change, we can guarantee users will be able to download their assets through the end of July 2022. We will keep you informed about the future of Groupees here and on social media. Thank you.

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