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Vandaveer - A Minor Spell

I Am Oak - Skulk

Tallahassee - Old Ways

Tall Heights - Man of Stone

Jay Nash - Of The Woods

Vandaveer - A Minor Spell

The Waking Hour (A Minor Spell) Play
Everything Is Spinning Play
Good Morning Play
All Together For The Taking Play
Ways & Means Play

A five-song EP, A Minor Spell is Vandaveer stripped down to bare essentials. Centered around the vocal combo of Mark Charles Heidinger and Rose Guerin, this five-song collection is a stark, upfront representation of Vandaveer’s unique and colorful songwriting style. Vivid storytelling meets dream-weaving melancholy. It’s folk music for contemporary times.

VANDAVEER is the song-singing, record-making, globetrotting project penned and put forth by folk-pop tunesmith Mark Charles Heidinger. Based in Washington, DC, but usually found on the road, Vandaveer offers up melodic Americana that is both haunting and easy, forlorn and welcoming, with stories as universal as the songs they inhabit. Vandaveer shapeshifts from stage to studio and back with a host of revolving characters, most prominent among them Rose Guerin, offering up the loveliest harmonies heard this side of Eden.

I Am Oak - Skulk

Gills Play
Ashen Play
Gliss Play
Slooow Play

These are four songs from I am Oak made for a limited 7”. Only 200 were made.

They have been called night songs. Music that takes you on a journey, that’s what the judges of the 3VOOR12 Award 2011 wrote. That prize was forOasem (pronounced as awesome) by I Am Oak, according to the judges the best Dutch album of that year. Thijs Kuijken from Utrecht wrote the folk album alone and performs it with I Am Oak. A trip to Finland was a huge inspiration for the music, lyrics and whole idea of the album. Those big thoughts come in small songs and just because Kuijken is holding back, the album is full of tension. Oasem is the next step in a career that slowly but steadily unfolds. The album before Oasem was more acoustic, now the guitars are plugged in, although every song would hold its strength when played acoustic. Kuijken made an album to listen to, not just a collection of singles with some fillers, it’s a listening experience. In shows it’s the same thing. At that time there is also a big chance that the music takes you away, wherever your dreams want to take you.

Tallahassee - Old Ways

Old Brown Shoes Play
I'll Be Damned Play
Minor Blues IV Play
Riding with the Devil Play
Old Ways Play
I Try Play
Prelude Play
Best of Days Play
Daggers Play
Where Play

Tallahassee’s latest effort, Old Ways, draws inspiration from the band’s dynamic and energetic live shows. Over a year-and-a-half in the making, Old Ways showcases a broader sonic palette as well as the most adventurous songs the band has ever written.

The New England-based roots rock band, Tallahassee takes it’s name from a Native American word meaning, “old town.” Tallahassee strives to pioneer uncharted sonic territory, harnessing diverse influences ranging from indie to classic rock, folk and blues all filtered through bandmembers’ diverse backgrounds in professional football, fine art and classical music.

Tall Heights - Man of Stone

Controlled Burn Play
Man of Stone Play
Murmuring State Play
The Running of The Bulls Play
Eastern Standard Time Play
Out of the Ground Play
Somewhere I Believe Play
Flash Boom Play
Field of Snow Play
Learn Again Play

For the duo’s debut full-length effort, Man of Stone, Tall Heights hit the home studio, sinking deeper into the vast world they’ve meticulously built for two. The title track and first single, Man of Stone, recalls a time when cavemen documented day-to-day existence on the walls of their stone-sheltered dwellings. “Emblems of cavemen they taught me / the importance of typing in bold,” contextualizes the rest of the record and challenges a careful listener to view each song as a vital documentation of what is both banal and extraordinary. The record exists in a fire-lit, shadowy space for their growing army of fans to inhabit. After two powerful EPs, there has been a growing cry for more from these young artists, and Tall Heights delivers with an LP of grand vision and scale.

Tall Heights’s delicate melodies and gentle harmonies create a rare public space where the people can slow down, even stop, and suspend the chaos of city life in exchange for some really great music.-Megna Chakrabarti, NPR

Jay Nash - Of The Woods

Stay Home Play
Colors on the Table Play
You Tell Me Play
Never Takes Too Long Play
Stay Home (Demo) Play
Colors on the Table (Demo) Play
You Tell Me (Demo) Play
Never Takes Too Long (Demo) Play

Nash wrote and recorded ‘Of the Woods’ at his home studio in Vermon in December of 2001, the darkest month of the year…in one of the coldest states in the union.  The influence of isolation is evident but there is no absence of hope.

After completing what he originally intended to be demos, Nash sent the masters on to friend and collaborator, Bill Lefler ( Ingrid Michaelson, Patrick Stump, Laura Jansen, Dashboard Confessional, Cary Brothers) who turned out simple and elegant mixes.

Included in this package are both Nash’s original demos along with Lefler’s arrangements of the songs.

Jay Nash’s defining musical moment came at age 12, after hearing a 90-minute Maxell tape with the 1971 Grateful Dead Live album on one side and Cat Stevens¹ Greatest Hits on the other. To steal a line: What a long, strange trip it’s been ­ and it’s brought him where he is today. Jay grew up in the small town of Manlius, outside Syracuse in upstate New York, spending his summers in the idyllic Thousand Islands region on the St. Lawrence River near the U.S.-Canadian border. Listening to that double-sided Grateful Dead/Cat Stevens cassette “shook something loose in me. I felt a connection to something I¹d never felt before.”

Picking up the guitar, he eventually discovered Dylan (“I was blown away by his imagery, his use of metaphor and allusions It actually scared me away from even trying to write songs”), then discovered his talent singing the high parts with a friend on Cat Stevens¹ “Father and Son” at a school talent show before an audience of 1,500.

“There was something kind of magical and amazing about it,” he says of the experience performing live. “It wasn¹t about me, but having all these people in the same place feeling the same things forgetting about everything else for that moment.”

Bronze Radio Return Collection

Tallahassee - Tallalujah

Dawn & Hawkes - Golden Heart

Seth Glier Collection

Bronze Radio Return Collection

All In Play
Broken Ocean Play
M.O.T.R. (Middle of the Road) Play
Rough Town Play
World Spin, Home Spun Play

The 5 songs we decided to include here come from our most recent albums, ‘Up, On & Over” and “Shake, Shake, Shake”. While a variety of influences exist on both releases, these songs are amongst the best representation of our folk-amaerican roots. As in all of our material, we tried to tell relatable stories in these songs and put interesting spins on every day issues.

Bronze Radio Return know what it takes to get to the heart of American roots music. You have to go to America’s roots.

When it came time for the band to record their latest full-length album Up, On & Over, they found themselves in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains on a farm in the tiny town of Louisa, Virginia. In their journey as a band, recording in different parts of the United States has opened up their ears and minds. “We find it’s easier to get into a creative zone when we’re outside of our element,” lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson explains, “we were surrounded by goats, chickens, and farmland.” The trek south this year was just the latest venture for Bronze Radio Return (Henderson, drummer Rob Griffith, lead guitarist Patrick Fetkowitz, keys player Matthew Warner, bassist Bob Tannen, and harmonica/banjoist extraordinaire Craig Struble) who are no strangers to recording in new – and sometimes remote – places.

Tallahassee - Tallalujah

Losing Everything Play
Hard Times Play
Prarie Way Play
Daggers (Acoustic) Play
Minor Blues IV (Acoustic) Play
Two Guitars Play
New York City (Acoustic) Play
In This Together Play
You're Still Young Play

Limited 9-song acoustic Tallahassee album previously released only as a gift.

The New England-based roots rock band, Tallahassee takes it’s name from a Native American word meaning, “old town.” Tallahassee strives to pioneer uncharted sonic territory, harnessing diverse influences ranging from indie to classic rock, folk and blues all filtered through bandmembers’ diverse backgrounds in professional football, fine art and classical music.

Dawn & Hawkes - Golden Heart

Holler Play
Polar Bears Play
Quietly Play
Golden Heart Play
Ten Leap Years Play
A Catch Play

The Dawn & Hawkes debut EP captures the warm familiar feel of country roads, intoxicating night clubs and the sunsets in between. With songs that unwind through variations in genre and theme, the duo shows a familiar comfort at every twist and turn. This feeling comes, in-part, from recording and producing the tracks in the living room of their South Austin home.

Two Guitars, Two Voices. Indie-Folk-Americana Duo.

It’s been an encouraging first year for the Austin based indie-folk-americana duo Dawn and Hawkes. After a happenstance encounter, songwriters Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes joined together to multiply their talents and form a male/female fronted band touring the country and sharing songs, shows, and everything in-between.

Seth Glier Collection

Lauralee Play
Poppies on the Table Play
Gotta Get Away Play
The Next Right Thing Play
Things I Should Let You Know Play
Reply Play

This bundle includes selections from Seth’s three albums released on MPress Records: The Trouble With People, The Next Right Thing, and Things I Should Let You Know.

Despite his relatively young age, Massachusetts based singer/songwriter/pianist/guitarist Seth Glier is a seasoned troubadour. Averaging over 250+ live performances annually Seth has gone from opening act to headlining his own shows and playing major folk festivals. He’s shared the stage with artists as diverse as James Taylor, Ani DiFranco, Martin Sexton, Emmylou Harris and Ryan Adams and has quickly become known for his passionate live sets. His music has also caught the ears of fans, industry and critics alike with USA Today stating that his “exquisite tenor echoes Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel.” The incredible acclaim on his sophomore record, The Next Right Thing, led to the single “Lauralee” hitting #1 on Clear Channel’s NEW! Discover & Uncover program as well as a Grammy® nomination, a first for both himself and his New York based label, MPress Records.

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2 Dawn & Hawkes Music Videos

The official music video for “Holler” and a performance of “A Catch” on the porch.

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