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Evil Genius


Adam E

Thanks for the trade


Yeah, now I know the meaning of thief in your name. Thank you for stealing my games for an already used key. I really wanted to play it.

Jeff Barbier

Thanks for the trade! :)


Thanks for the successful trade!

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Evelyn 11 months ago

So I noticed you again after being inactive for a while and I wondered if you still do trading. Not here to be upset but I ask because you tried to fix your mistake and sadly, I owned all games you had to offer. I won't beg for a game but I offer to do some proper trade (hopefully with a better result.) I have many games to trade away on my side so please consider the offer. I might be stupid but I'm willing to test your honesty. Have a nice day. :)

Rainethief 10 months ago

Hi, I still do trading but I don't have another games that the ones than I already showed you.

Evelyn 9 months ago

How the hell has it been 2 months. I am sure I checked not long ago for a reply and I didn't see anything... Hmm. Well, if the same games are still available, I may try for Little inferno. I have a trade list if you're interested.

Adam E 12 months ago

Hi Rainethief, there has been an issue on here recently with trading bundles when they arrive in the other person's account nothing is able to be revealed. The bundle you traded me works so hopefully the problem has been fixed but if you're unable to open anything in the bundle I traded you just send in a support ticket explaining the issue and admin will reload the bundle in your account.

Rainethief 12 months ago

Hi. It works for me too. Thanks.

Mike Manix about 2 years ago

Interested in vip dynamite bundle

Mike Manix about 2 years ago

Looking to tradre for vip dynamite bundle