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Jacek Miśkiewicz

Thanks for the trade! Enjoy the music :)

Adam E

Thanks for the trade

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markzero 29 days ago

Hey, thanks for the interest in Sung's Auto Ran EP. I already have the Reno Debut EP you offered, but let me see if there's a way to just gift you this album anyway.

markzero 29 days ago

Okay, pulled it from trade, it's now in my giveaway box. Looks like I can create a giveaway bundle link if you wanna send me an email address in chat.

Dision 28 days ago

Thanks for your kindness.;)

Adam E about 1 month ago

Hi Dision, Sorry but I have those albums from Synthwave 14 in another trade offer and I already have Darksynth 2. Thanks anyway.

Dision 30 days ago

Hi.I have Off-world,Stalemate,Unfolding Reverie,Debut EP from 80 s guy bundle. so if you were interested in exchanging Agent Orange for something like this, then write. Thanks for the answer.