Billy Joe Jim Bob

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hairy knuckles


DJ Nosferatu

Thank you!


Good trader, thanks. Do not forget to leave your feedback.


Thanks for a good trade!

Exnihilo Mundus

Thanks for the quick, fair trade!


thanks dude

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lovecrafthp 9 months ago

Would you perhaps trade Earthworm Jim for Primordia?

Exnihilo Mundus about 2 years ago

I've made an offer for the Logan Epic Canto bundle, please let me know if it is satisfactory. If not, let me know what kind of items you are looking for.

Christian Blunda over 2 years ago

Hi, thank you for your purchase of the Groupees Holiday Helpings Bundle #3! Your package will be shipped to you soon. For the Myuu T-shirt, size options are Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL. What is your preference? Groupees T-shirts are only available in Large and XL. What is your preference? Please also supply me with your shipping address. We will invoice you the shipping cost.

Billy Joe Jim Bob over 2 years ago

XL for both is fine.