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Good deal! Blades of Time will be a featured game on The Extraordinary Experience in April.


Straight forward trade.

Kewl Shoppa

Trade worked out just fine. +rep
Reply: I get a dozen rando Steam invites a week. Sorry my key was bad; I'm happy to return your half of the trade. Comment here on Groupees.


Sincere trader. Thank you!


Thank you for the trade.


PINEAPPLE SMASH CREW is used! badly!
Reply: That key was from a Groupees bundle and unused. Not sure why it's showing as used for you. I'll message you with other keys as an apology.

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I am new to trading on Groupees - what stuff do you accept for trades? I have games mostly games and some music.

Ironmaus over 3 years ago

I'll trade for darn near anything I don't have. :D

Ironmaus over 3 years ago
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I am interested in several of your items. To save time I am gonna make a list of all my game keys and send it to you instead of making a million offers.
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(Roughly in order of interest) I am interested in your Krater, Call of Juarez, 1953 - KGB Unleashed, X-Blades, Wasteland Angel, Space Trader, Greed: Black Border, Hydrophobia, Larva Mortus, Primal Fears, Drakensang
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Here's a link to my game list. I'll post the items I am interested in below reply • delete

Ironmaus over 3 years ago

HEADS UP: My Groupees trade list has some keys that show as unused to me but end up not working. If we trade and this happens to you, get in touch for either a re-gift of your original item or a replacement from my offsite key list: