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Become a Python Data Analyst

Learning Path: Python: Guide to Become a Python Professional

Practical OpenCV 3 Image Processing with Python

Building RESTful Python Web Services with Tornado

Functional Programming in Python

Building RESTful Python Web Services with Django

Building RESTful Python Web Services with Flask

Software Architecture with Python

Practical Python Data Science Techniques

Making Predictions with Data and Python

Basic and Low-level Python Network Attacks

Architecting Scalable Python Applications

Learning Path: Python: Design and Architect Python Apps

Getting Started with Python Bitcoin Programming

Architectural Patterns and Best Practices with Python

Python 3.x for Computer Vision

Learning Path: Python: Predictive Analysis with Python

Python Design Patterns

Data Acquisition and Manipulation with Python

Mastering Python Data Analysis with Pandas

Step-by-Step Machine Learning with Python

Learning Path: Your Guide to Learn Data Science using Python

LEARNING PATH: Python: Complete Data Analysis With Python

Matplotlib for Python Developers

Python Data Visualization with Matplotlib 2.x

Getting Started with Cloud-Native Python

LEARNING PATH: Python: Functional Programming with Python

Cryptography with Python

Learning Python

Supervised and Unsupervised Learning with Python

Iterators in Functional Programming with Python

Learning Path: Python: Effective Data Analysis Using Python

Modern Python Solutions - Part 2

Modern Python Solutions - Part 3

Learning Python Data Analysis

Getting Started with Python Web Scraping

Learning Path: From Python Programming to Data Science

Learning Path: Python: Machine and Deep Learning with Python

Python for Continuous Delivery and Application Security

Artificial Intelligence with Python – Heuristic Search

Natural Language Processing with Python

Learning Path: Python:Data Visualization with Matplotlib 2.x

LEARNING PATH: Python: Real-World Data Science with Python

Artificial Intelligence with Python – Sequence Learning

Building Advanced OpenCV3 Projects with Python

Training Your Systems with Python Statistical Modeling

Artificial Intelligence with Python – Deep Neural Networks

LEARNING PATH: Python: Advanced Machine Learning with Python

Programming Concepts in Python

Watch Online Code Files Working with Big Data in Python

Concurrent Programming in Python

Getting Started with NLP and Deep Learning with Python

Python Network Programming

Data Visualization in Python by Examples

Hands - On Reinforcement Learning with Python

Next Generation Natural Language Processing with Python

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Projects with Python

Learning Concurrency in Python

Hands-On Machine Learning with Python and Scikit-Learn

Machine Learning with Open CV and Python

Learning Path: Python: Programming for Python Users

Modern Python Solutions Part 1

Learning Path: Python GUI Projects

Python Machine Learning - Part 1

Learning Path: Python Web Development

Python: Step into the World of Machine Learning

Python: Web Development and Penetration Testing

Deep Learning and NLP with Python: 2-in-1

Python Parallel Programming Solutions

Python: Artificial Intelligence with Python: 3-in-1

Enterprise Automation with Python

Data Visualization Projects in Python

Python: Data Visualization with Python: 2-in-1

Learning Python Web Penetration Testing

Beginning Python

Developing NLP Applications Using NLTK in Python

Python Machine Learning Projects

Mastering Python - Second Edition

Python Machine Learning Solutions

Troubleshooting Python Machine Learning

Text Processing using NLTK in Python

Applications of Statistical Learning with Python

Deep learning for NLP using Python

Deep Learning with Python

Python: Develop Programming Skills with Python: 2-in-1

Python Data Visualization: 2-in-1

Python: A-Z Artificial Intelligence with Python: 5-in-1

OpenCV: Master OpenCV 3 Application Development Using Python

Big Data and NLP with Python: 2-in-1

Python By Example

Artificial Intelligence Projects with Python-HandsOn: 2-in-1

Introduction to QGIS Python Programming

Python GUI Programming Solutions

Text Mining with Machine Learning and Python

Getting Started with Object-Oriented Programming in Python 3

Python Machine Learning Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Hands-On Test Driven Development with Python

Python Machine Learning in 7 Days

Python Machine Learning and Troubleshooting: 2-in-1

Hands-On Unsupervised Learning with Python

Python Data Science Essentials

Python Deep Learning Solutions

Python Data Structures and Algorithms

Mastering Python

Computer Vision Projects with Python 3

Learn Python in 3 Hours

Natural Language Processing with Python: 3-in-1

Machine Learning with Python, scikit-learn and TensorFlow

Data Visualization Recipes in Python

Machine Learning with Python and scikit-Learn: 3-in-1

Data Mining with Python: Classification and Regression

Python for Everyday Life

Python Projects

Learning Python Data Visualization

Python Data Visualization Solutions


The Python Developer eLearning Bundle contains 114 courses.

These are redemption codes.

The courses are from Packt. Packt has been committed to developer learning since 2004. A lot has changed in software since then - but Packt has remained responsive to these changes, continuing to look forward at the trends and tools defining the way we work and live. And how to put them to work.

With an extensive library of content - more than 4000 books and video courses -Packt’s mission is to help developers stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. From skills that will help you to develop and future proof your career to immediate solutions to every day tech challenges, Packt is a go-to resource to make you a better, smarter developer.

Packt Udemy courses continue this tradition, bringing you comprehensive yet concise video courses straight from the experts.

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