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boss July 08, 2019
Agostinho Barone Awesome trader. Strongly recommended!
boss May 27, 2018
Sven Thanks. :-)
boss August 29, 2017
strateg44 Thanks for the trade .
boss August 29, 2017
Darth Elwood Blues great trader!
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Michael B * Game trader extraordinaire 76 ratings
View my Trades list to see what games i am trading.( Public trades > Type my name in bar ) I am very trustfull and will always Go first if you want. Send me a private message if you ever want to ask me anything.
* I trade mostly games and bundle leftovers But i am always willing to trade anything and everything.* I Trade and accept *Paypal* Steam games * Steam cards , sacks of gems , tf2/cs keys * ect.
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