Our Mission

To transform the distribution of digital media entertainment into a fun, social and exciting experience.

Partner with Groupees

Got Content

  • Join a promotion or publish your own
  • Expose your content to a global community of millions
  • High royalty rates
  • Ecommerce platform with advanced payments and security

Got Influence

  • Curate your own promotion and earn $$
  • Full branding and control via web interface
  • Publish promotions to third-party websites
  • Integrated options for brands to participate directly

Got Game

  • Groupees has helped over 800 games make it to Steam
  • New publishing label focused on helping indies
  • We leverage our community of 500k+ gamers to support your game
  • You retain 100% control, we take just 30% revenue share

Our Values

  1. We respect our users and build our business around their interests and ideas.
  2. We value our partners by being easy to work with, respecting their creations and striving to support their goals.
  3. We deliver joy in every customer interaction.
  4. We believe in giving back to charities and people in need.
  5. We collaborate to achieve common goals, work hard for each other while sharing a spirit of fun and adventure on our journey.
  6. We imagine possibilities and try new things because good enough is not good enough.
Who's Who

Head Developer

I am a technology guy. I play drums and love majority of modern music styles. Favourite authors are Thomas Mann and Lion Feuchtwanger.


I'm a man. Sometimes I imagine myself as a superhero. I like beer, women, games, music, books, film, sports, painting and cats.

Groupees is a unique online and mobile platform for distribution of digital media, including games, comics, ebooks and music, with real-time social features so users can share their passions with like-minded people from around the World. Based in Portland, OR, USA, the Groupees team spans continents and includes passionate professionals with backgrounds in games, music, social media and technology.