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surely not from this world


Thank you for the trade. And again! And a third trade completed successfully,


Key was already used, but I could choose a key for another game.
Reply: if so...pls read my wall and add me with link there on we can sort this out


Another dupe key!!! (18/06/15) As of 31/07/15, still has not replied. :(
Reply: yeah was a nice trading in the end :)


First key did not work but he gave me another game and then we did a lot of good trades on steam using the messenger. ++Rep
Reply: a really massive lot of trades :) , yes my library gotten boigger with your help, thx for that


+REP Key worked fine. Thanks!
Reply: hope we trade again

Fredrik Ansethmoen

all sorted. all good. thanks
Reply: was a nice trade in the end


Key dupe issue resolved, Thanks
Reply: no worries, I allways sort out a mess


Received some duplicates but resolved the problem through steam chat. Thanks! :)
Reply: i like trading in chat....and yes a mess is groupees keys, but i am willing to sort this out each time :)


I was wrong, all cool:)
Reply: thx for trading and letting me sort out the dupe key issue

Living Dead Boy

Key dupe issue resolved, thanks for prompt response.
Reply: allways a pleasure and thx for the patience to let me sort the groupees key mess out