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Synthspiria Bundle



The VR Bundle #2

The VR Bundle #2

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Street Cleaner Bundle

  • Carf Darko’s Music Bundle

    $2 minimum  3 + 5 + 1 + 1 other

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For $2 Minimum You Get


Arcade Madness

by Carf Darko

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Level up with me!


For $4 Minimum You Also Get

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Pixel Me Square

by Carf Darko


Immoral Pixels

by Carf Darko


Level Up

by Carf Darko


Future Fuzz PROLOGUE

by Carf Darko

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Dark&Darko I - Pixel Me Square

DRM-Free, Windows

Dbkpaawxl p2zdse

Dark&Darko II - Arcade Madness

DRM-Free, Windows


Dark&Darko III - Immoral Pixels

DRM-Free, Windows


Artwork N Stuff


Hi, Carf Darko here!! This bundle is the complete collection of the world I started creating 6 years ago. A world which helped me form a creative alter-ego, a playground to express and work out my ideas and stories.

The story of Carf Darko started late 2012 early 2013 as I was recovering from what they call Single Side Sudden Deafness. Music has always been a big thing for me, but since I lost hearing in my left ear, I also kind of lost the confidence to produce music with a certain standard in professional quality.

As gaming has also been one of my life long passions it didn’t take long before the merge came and after a few tests I knew that I just had to take a few steps back in sound quality, and use those classic NES sounds to write songs that I would have loved listening to myself in games.

The bundle comes with a little ebook which goes through the first few years in much more detail then I could write out right now.

For now, enjoy the bundle and be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel as the story will continue after this project.

Retro never gets old!!

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