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Adrian von Ziegler - The Celtic Collection

by Adrian von Ziegler

Merrigan - The Changeling

by Merrigan

Adrianna Ciccone - The Back of Winter

by Adrianna Ciccone

The Langer's Ball - The Devil or the Barrel

by The Langer's Ball

Tartalo Music - Keltae - The Celtic Compilation

by Tartalo Music

Circa Paleo - Eleven Lives

by Circa Paleo

The Elders - Story Road

by The Elders

Erang - We Are The Past

by Erang

Tartalo Music - Enter The Realm

by Tartalo Music

Circa Paleo - Tideland

by Circa Paleo

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Tartalo Music - Enter The Realm

by Tartalo Music


Circa Paleo - Tideland

by Circa Paleo


Garnet Cathedral - Affectio

by Garnet Cathedral

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    30 minute Skype violin lesson from Circa Paleo’s fiddler Jenny O’Connor of The Hot Violinist, The Elders Professionally produced DVD of live performance (Live at The Uptown Theater 2014)

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    Digital downloads of all 7 other The Elders releases

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