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The Steamy Android Bundle

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Holiday Helpings 5

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Dynamite Holiday Build A Bundle

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Purple Planet Jungle Tour Royalty-Free Bundle

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Vocallective Build a Bundle 4

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Learn Tableau Desktop 9 from Scratch for Data Science


Learn By Example: Apache Flink


Learn By Example: Hadoop, MapReduce for Big Data problems


From 0 to 1: Hive for Processing Big Data


Pig for Wrangling Big Data


The Cassandra Distributed Database

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Scalable programming with Scala and Spark


From 0 to 1: Spark for Data Science with Python


From 0 to 1: The Oozie Orchestration Framework


Flume and Sqoop for Ingesting Big Data

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Scala Programming Language


R Level 1: Understanding and Using the R Programming Language


Machine Learning: Introduction to Machine Learning with R

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Excel 2016: A Complete Excel 2016 Course

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Career Guide: Planing and Improving a Career in Data Science - Career Success in Analytics


Statistics in R: Statistical Analysis with the R Programming Language


The Data Deep Dive Bundle is LIFETIME access to all courses and content.

The bundle contains 16 courses and has 99 hours of content.

The content is taught by 4 main instructors: Loony Corn, Stone River eLearning, R-Tutorials, and Sunil Kumar Gupta.

Loony Corn’s team studied at Stanford spent years working in tech, in the Bay Area, New York, Singapore and Bangalore. They have worked at Google, Flipkart, and Microsoft to name a few.

Stone River eLearning is a publisher of online video training courses in the fields of programming, development and design. They have sold over 300,000 courses in the last 5 years.

R-Tutorials is your provider of choice when it comes to analytics training courses. The courses are taught by our main instructor Martin – trained biostatistician and enthusiastic data scientist / R user.

Sunil is a developer, programmer, mentor and all round technology nut. With over 6 years of professional experience in the software development as Software Engineer and Technology Analyst, he understands what technology can do for us. He has a special love for Data Analysis, Data Science and Analytics. Sunil is an Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer and currently works as Technology Analyst at an IT company and he holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

All courses are redeemed on Academy Hacker is an elearning course marketplace for hackers, developers, cyber security pros, and tech nerds.

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