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Good trader, thanks. Do not forget to leave your feedback.



Sergio Ramirez




Thank you for the trade!


Thanks for the trade

Adam E

Thanks again for the trades!
Reply: You too! Enjoy!

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W1NTERBORN 4 months ago

hey, do you still need the Oni bundle, and are all your games listed for trade already? Thanks!

Alexei over 1 year ago

Hey. I like your profile picture. It's cool that you found a way to feature the ace and trans flags. I'm also ace and trans. So I thought that was a neat coincidence. :)

Paul over 1 year ago

Thanks for trading

Rachel Bostwick over 2 years ago

I just wanted to say that I love your username. :)

D-G over 2 years ago

heyo, can you either add me on steam (link in profile) or leave your steam link. I want to offer you something (probably $) for something of yours.

Jacen Solo Djo almost 3 years ago

If you're here for hints on what I'm looking for here you go (bundle name in paranthesis): Night Stalker by Daniel Deluxe (Synth 1), preferably synth 2 full bundle but will accept Player 1 by 10Six Hundred (synth 2), manhatten 2019 by Meteor (synth 2), Journeys by Timecop 1983 (synth 2), Take My Time by Highway Superstar (synth 2), and a dance of shadows by Confrontational (synth 2) Desync by Daniel Deluxe (synth 8), Cosmic Boundaries by Phaserland (synth 8), starcrash by Stilz (synth 8) Fahrenheit by Sung (synth 13), Night Shift by Vampire Step Dad (Synth 13), the Wild Life & Summerland by Shadows and Mirrors (synth 13), The Majesty of Our Broken Past by Color Theory (synth 13) Nerd Power by Powernerd (synth 11), Trickster's Paradise & North Wall by Compilerbau (Synth 11), Inner Demon by Meteor (synth 11), the burning dawn by confrontational (synth 11), instruments of retribution by Daniel Deluxe

oliveiracardoso almost 3 years ago

What is your steam profile link? To check your wishlist.

Jacen Solo Djo almost 3 years ago

It's https://steamcommunity.com/id/Shaneforwax/ but you can also find it using my name on here 'Jacen Solo'.

oliveiracardoso almost 3 years ago

Your game library and Wishlist are locked.

Jacen Solo Djo almost 3 years ago

It was set to public but something must have changed with regards to privacy options and I just didn't notice. It should be fixed now.