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thanks for the trade dude, enjoy the game


+rep, trustworthy trader. Cheers.


Thanks for the trade! +Rep!

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Shane Ching almost 5 years ago

Interested in Primordia. Steam profile is shane_ching2004 , please add me to steam.

PhantomTa2 almost 7 years ago

Hi, I hope you're well? I made an offer for one of the trade games and although I don't know whether or not you have a SteamTrades account, or barter or Lestrades, if you find the trade acceptable and agree, I must insist on sending first as I'm not 100% on some of my serials so some of them might not work. There is a reasonable reason for this situation, the details of which may be available over a private chat window. My Steam profile is; http://steamcommunity.com/id/PhantomTa2/ Please feel free to add me on Steam so we can have a gander at each other's lists for owned games, wishlisted games, links to SteamRep and SteamTrades, etc Kind regards PhantomTa2

Si-Fi about 7 years ago

Hi, received your offer and decided to do a counter offer since I already have most of those games.

Kurseddragon about 7 years ago

Thought I offered that game in the millions of other games I offered. :P Wouldn't have minded if you took them all. But thanks regardless!

Si-Fi about 7 years ago

No worries at all.