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I hate you so much.



Thanks for the lovely trade :)


Izuna stalks my dreams run for your life while u still can!!!!!!


Thanks for the trade.


Thanks for the nice trade +rep :D.


Traded without a problem. Thank you. ^_^

Dave Ferret

+rep Great trade


Smooth trader. No hiccups. H̻̖̣͖ͯ̊ͥͯ͐ͤ̕A̖͔̔ͮ͘Ī̯̫̓̀̍̕L̛͉̟̤̬̦̗͔̠̟ͮ̅͂̽ͩͣ͊ͨ͡ ̱̙̠̥̓̉S̩̝͚̻͕̦͌̋̌̄̀̊ͥ͐A̢͓͔͖͓̿̀̅ͣ̄ͬ̒̋T̢̛̬̞̣̞͎̬͙̘ͬ̑̃͊͋͋ͯ͛͆ͅA͊̈́̄̈́҉̝N͆͌


Simply the best. Thanks and enjoy~


+rep friendly and polite. generous trader too. +rep did another trade.


Wonderful trade, always again :)

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Myonti over 8 years ago


Myonti over 8 years ago

12/28/2015 - Whew lad the last few days were hectic. So much work and I had to visit some historical site to do work involving filming some kids talking over a script, that was very very painful to watch and we had to do 7-10 take per scene [EVEN THOUGH THE FUCKING DIALOGUE IS IN FRONT OF THEM] regardless, i find the building material for the fort interesting, after so long they have the consistency and shape of a coral. Weird I know. Still fun at least.

Myonti over 8 years ago

12/26/2015- Dash ye hopes for I have not become productive as of yet today. [Why would I want to be productive lol?] in any case there was a carnival near my house, and it is shiet. Like, the foods are overpriced and the people are all dressed in snooby rich hipster outfits. Its weird. Then I bought some milk and it was spoiled rotten so now i have to endure a goddamn stomach ache. -4 Vit. Thanks a lot life. Peace out.

Myonti over 8 years ago

12/25/2015 - Today I slept for 12 hours, it happens sometimes when I don't get enough sleep or I sleep in the afternoon. Regardless today I suffered from some terrible stomach cramp [I don't particular remember eating any spoiled food eh] and was bedridden for most of the day but at least its a national holiday time. Then when I woke up at 7 pm i discover during my trip to the supermarket some low price bread. Those sustained me [Along with some packed lunch lol] before getting washed by the rain on the way home. Karma. For not taking a bath. You know. Nothing really outward happen again today oh well. Life sure is dull when you think about it.

Myonti over 8 years ago

12/25/2015 -Today I did nothing of value, again, I spend the entirety on chat doing stupid shit with other people of my kind and, dear lord did I take a bath? I cant remember, I better take another one after I finish posting this. In any case here I am now writing about my day on this place where no one will ever see. That idea was pretty rad though. In the absence of darkness and light we have sparks, the luminescent, the radiance, the dawn. The beginning of the chaotic nature of the world folded and overlapped with one another. I'm going off tangent here. John Newton - 01

Myonti over 8 years ago