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There is no spork.


Adam E

Thanks for the trade



Thank you for trade, all went well.

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Ben Lowell about 2 years ago

Hi Diviad, I've you sent a trade request. By searching for my username in the Trades section you can see all of my available bundles, feel free to make a counter offer if you see anything else that you are interested in instead. Thanks!

Duse over 2 years ago

Hi Diviad! I have the Celtic Music Bundle 8 and made you an offer. Let me know what you think, thanks!

l3xyl3x about 3 years ago

Hi! Are you interested to trade for RETROSYNTH RECORDS BUNDLE 2 $15? I would like yours: $3.57 Prototype Raptor Bundle $3.1 Vocal Synthwave Bundle Groupees Bundle $2.5 Waveshaper Bundle $3.15 Robots With Rayguns Fan Club Bundle $2.5 Synthwave Bundle 17. Could you please make me an offer? Cheers!

Cracor Benasouki about 3 years ago

let me know what you want for the royalty fffree music bundle 9.

Cracor Benasouki about 3 years ago

https://steamcommunity.com/id/CracorBenasouki/ add me for further conversation of offer.

~ Diviad ~ almost 4 years ago

I am looking to trade for earlier Celtic Bundles (01 -09) if anyone has them. I can let you know what I have or you can tell me what you want at the time you contact me.

Christian Blunda almost 6 years ago

Hi! I'm looking to get your contact info for your Future80s Bundle purchase. Can you please write me at [email protected]?

~ Diviad ~ over 5 years ago

I am sorry that I just now saw this message.