Hello :) If you want to trade with me, I'm really interested in Games. I love especially Visual Novels, JRPGs, RPGs and Hack'n Slay. But sometimes I try Point & Click, Simulations, Strategy, Action, TCG,... too. I'm open for new stuff and don't care if a game is a AAA game, a Indie game, a fanmade RPG Maker game,... I'm ok as well as with Steam keys as with DRM free games and GOG Keys. But I recongized that Ego-Shooter, Bullet Shooter and games about war are not my kind of game. Plus for sure I'm not interested in that big mass of fake trash games that over-flooded steam. If you want to trade, I'm open for music, too. I prefer licence free music that I can maybe use sometimes for streams (maybe in 100 years :D) and I love orchestral music. But if you have other game music, Anime & movie soundtracks, Japanese/Korean pop/rock, rock'n roll, electro swing,... feel free to make an offer (no hard rock, rap, Lofi, sythy). I'm not interested in comics/manga/doujinshi. I love them, but I prefer to have them physical and in my main language ;) Ok, enough written. Have a nice morning/day/night ^-^